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Is it normal to get my 3Doshas quickly out of alignment?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

You bet, this question is like asking is it normal for one to get thirsty/hungry. Of course it's totally normal for anyone to get out of alignment. 3Doshas states that we are "bound to get misaligned" and its in our nature to first understand what our unique 3Doshas aligned state is then we can figure out our alignment. Once we know this information we can then bring self-awareness of our state of being and be totally comfortable with being in and out of alignment.

Lets take an example - lets say you have been living in a great state of being at home for several days where you focused on what you wanted to do - no one really bothered you, you ate in balance, slept in balance and worked out at your own pace - meaning you felt you were totally in your elements. Now imagine you go out and meet someone in your neighborhood and they ask you to go to the city tonight with them and you say sure. Now its normal to go to the city and get exposed to everything in the environment and no matter what you do the environment will have an impact on you - the moment you get attached to something (could be the situation of the roads and the homelessness around etc) you are slowly moving away from your totally aligned state and moving towards a bit of misalignment in our thoughts of whats right/wrong. We can now take this further and if you friends say lets go to that restaurant and get some spicy food and then get some dessert. Next thing you know you were up until midnight and having a great time and it felt really good to spend time with your friends. Now its very normal for any of us in our lifestyles to just go along with the flow and have a good time with our friends - after-all we are social creatures and building relationships is part of life. So nothing wrong with knowing that my choices in the environment are going to bring about changes in my elements as I engage in them. The key is to identify and align with what you are doing and how its changing your state of being. Once you know this you can identify that you have had a wonderful time with your friends and now you need to align or get back to your normal routine life. Nothing wrong with taking a day or so to bring yourself back into alignment. The greatest challenge with most of us that we don't become aware of the environment and how its changing us and we continue to keep doing more of it and the next thing you know we stay in prolonged periods of being out of alignment and then we look for way to get ourselves back in alignment which then takes a long period of time. And by the way nothing wrong with getting coiled up in living your life with your friends just understand that if you do it every night it will take you longer to get back to your homeostasis aligned state. So enjoy all your experiences and moments and appreciate life as it was always meant to be.

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