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Greater career success in alignment with my 3Doshas

Now you must be wondering what does 3Doshas have to do with my career success? Great question, and at first glance this sounds very unrelated, but if you go a little deeper you realized how much this makes sense.

3Doshas objective is to identify our unique doshas/energies or strengths through understanding our body and mind constitution. Once we know our Doshas constitution we should then align our nature to what we know will surely make us successful in our careers.

So, let’s understand this a bit more. If you are air/vata/sattva constitution, you are bound to be more creative type and should look for more creative careers. If you are fire/pitta/rajas constitution you are bound to be more action oriented and very driven by doing things vs. being creative. And if you are water/kapha/tamas constitution you know you are more easy going, reflective and extremely loyal vs. being creative or action orientated.

3Doshas is a life science of 3 Key Energies to bring into alignment. Our 3Doshas are uniquely programmed within us at birth, and being in alignment with our Doshas means knowing our blueprint of strengths and maximizing our potential. Consciously getting into jobs or professions that are in alignment with your nature will ensure greater levels of success.

To learn more set up a coaching session with one of our certified coaches. Get your 3Doshas blueprint and we'll help you get into the right jobs so you too can level up with your 3Doshas energies.

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