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3Doshas is an award-winning lifestyle company transforming lives through core principles inspired by Yoga & Ayurveda (World's oldest life sciences from Indus Valley Civilization). 


To help our members level up and boost their performance by identifying & aligning their unique 3Doshas greater energies/strengths. 

Our Founders

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Sachin Syal

Chief Executive Officer

Sachin is an incoming junior at Irvington High School. He is the Co-Founder of 3Doshas, a former e-commerce reseller, a founding tutor at, an Eagle Scout, a talk show/podcast host, and a motivational TEDx Speaker. Sachin's work has been featured in many articles, national television, and a documentary. He hopes to inspire and change the lives of millions of people through 3Doshas and help them level up in life. His mentor, multi-millionaire David Meltzer, calls him an old soul and "young one dropping 3Doshas wisdom."


Sujay Syal

Chief Technology Officer

Sujay is an incoming freshman studying in UCLA's Data Theory Program. He is also the Co-Founder of 3Doshas, an International DECA Finalist, and a founding member of Engineering and Research Leaders of Tomorrow. Sujay hopes that he can inspire the next generation about the importance of living in balance through 3Doshas services. He also feels that 3Doshas will be a great way for him to teach the youth about how he has learned the art of inspiring others through his various leadership positions.


Sumeet Syal

Chief Inspiration Officer

Sumeet is a high tech executive and a certified executive coach in Silicon Valley.  Sumeet got inspired by the 3Doshas principles and has coached several executives over the years to level up in their successful executive career.  As the Co-Founder of 3Doshas and a certified coach he wants to inspire the next generation of leaders with the 3Doshas infinite knowledge.  He teaches many career development and leadership classes including our BASICS OF LIVING by 3DOSHAS principles course. You will see Sumeet  always passionate about helping young leaders achieve their ultimate best by focusing on 3Doshas greater energies.  

Core Team Members


Sugam Kumar

Sugam Kumar is an entrepreneur, author, and Yoga teacher.  He holds a Master's degree in Yoga Sciences from Himalayan Gharwal University. He is the co-founder & CEO of Varenyam Yoga. Varenyam was awarded Fastest Growing 2019 Indian Company in Yoga and Wellness in Dubai. He published more than 3 research papers and is an international speaker passionate about Yoga research & innovation.


Akshat Singh

Akshat is a professional dancer and motivational TEDx speaker inspiring millions of young people globally. Akshat believes that life is a notebook in which God filled the first and the last page which is birth and death. But God left the center pages for us to fill them with love and happiness. Akshat is filling those pages with love and happiness in return life has given him the opportunity to be a part of  Ellen DeGeneres Show, Britain's Got Talent, Little Big Shots Australia, Vietnam, and many other talk shows all around the world. His motto is "Let's Spread Happiness."  


Charu Phutela

Charu is an internationally certified Hatha Yoga teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Corporate Wellness Coach, and Certified Energy Healer.  With her foundation rooted in Iyengar Yoga during her childhood years, she also completed her training in the disciplines of Yoga from The Sivananda Ashram, Kerala. She’s not only an instructor guiding through postures and movements but a motivator and a communicator helping people to overcome their bigger mental challenges and driving positivity from within to be a better version of themselves. She has traveled extensively worldwide and has exposure to global professional work ethics. 

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