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In complete alignment with Nature!

Updated: May 29, 2023

What does it mean to get alignment with the nature around us. When we think of alignment we mean we are resonating at the same frequency as the nature around us. Nature is always resonating at its optimal frequency and one feels its abundance, peace and love with everything around it. If we want to resonate in the same frequency we have to bring the 3Doshas alignment in our Body, Mind & Spirit. Now please don't take this as Nature is always at peace, Nature also goes through its own challenges and what subjectively may seem like an imbalance to us is just a short blip in the totality of Nature being at peace. Like when we have storms, floods, droughts, and major earthquakes, it seems like mother nature is upset with us, but with time Nature returns to its tranquility and peace. Just like mother nature we go through our our life challenges no matter how big or small they might be. At the time what seem like and impossible challenge does phase out and we come back to our true self. The key here is to understand that underneath each one of these challenges there is a bigger frequency that keep us going and that frequency is the frequency we need to tap into to align with Nature. Learn the meaning of identifying and aligning your greater energies or frequencies and you will find life is a bliss.

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