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Level up with 3 Key Energies

3Doshas means "3 Key Energies" to bring into alignment. Our 3Doshas are programmed within us at birth. Knowing our 3Doshas means knowing our "blueprint of strengths" and the more we know, the more we grow. 

Discover your 3Doshas by taking our short blueprint quiz below.

Activate your 3Doshas Blueprint of Strengths: Transform and reach your full potential by discovering & aligning your unique energies/strengths. Track your progress with personalized 3Doshas alignment tools & techniques.


Elevate your career & leadership potential through 3Doshas personality tests and certified executive coaching.  


Empower Your Leadership Teams: Engage in action-oriented 3Doshas workshops to uncover the key elements necessary for inspiring diversity, equity, and inclusion in rapidly evolving organizations.

Level Up with 3Doshas Alignment Tools & Techniques!

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Discover your 3Doshas!

Answer each question with the option that best describes you, be as objective as you can and pick the option that applies to you most of your life, not your current situation. If you feel more than one answer applies to you, pick the one that applies the most.  Have some fun while answering these short questions, and don’t worry our team of coaches are here to help you level up by identifying your three doshas or your three greater energies/strengths.   

Upcoming Events/Programs

Take control of your life, career, and leadership growth by signing up for our online coaching sessions.  Our interactive sessions deliver results with 3Doshas alignment tools & techniques to level up and boost your performance.  We help you develop a personalized 3Doshas blueprint of strengths that identifies & aligns your unique energies.  Your transformation journey starts by registering for our online sessions.  Login and subscribe to our platform for FREE to get access to our community events, blogs, and upcoming specials & promotions. 

  • Private Session:  Interviewing skills & success leveraging your 3Doshas strengths/energies.
    Time is TBA
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    This is an advanced course for our Pro users. Our Basics of Living course is a pre-requisite, here we focus on identifying your 3Doshas greater strenghts/energies so you can confidently interview and land that dream job. We go deeper into how you take pride in your 3Doshas personality strengths.
  • Private Session:  Career success & job transition with your 3Doshas strengths/energies.
    Time is TBD
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    This is an advanced course for our Pro users. Our Basics of Living course is a pre-requisite, here we focus on identifying your greater strengths so you can confidently achieve the career success in your new job. We go deeper into how you leverage your 3Doshas strengths in your current or new job.
  • 1 on 1 coaching with a certified 3Doshas coach
    Time is TBD
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    Time is TBD
    RSVP for ONLINE details
    Invest in yourself by getting private coaching to take your career and leadership to the next level with our certified executive coaches.

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3Doshas was selected as a global finalist and featured on Bloomberg TV & Apple TV series hit show 2 Minute Drill. We are thrilled that our co-founder & CEO, Sachin Syal, aired on national television and won Junior Achievement Impact Award for 3Doshas. You can watch Sachin's TV appearance on the YouTube Channel below