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Aiden Cooper
Aiden Cooper

Why You Should Try Playnite, the Open Source Game Library Manager

Hi all, i think lot of us are waiting Open Beta this weekend on Diablo IV. I've install the game before starting of the Beta as proposed by Blizzard. And when Playnite scanning my Bnet account doesn't find the game ? Is it a normal behaviour ? Do i've to wait a playnite update ? Do i've to add the game manually ?


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i can also back up your opinion. i had it installed a couple years ago and thought it was pretty neat how it just aggregated all my games into one library. despite that, i never really used it much nor reinstalled it when i switched over to win10. i'm one of those weirdos that for no good reason refuses to play anything that isn't on steam. i don't know, achievement collecting, or just the fact that i already own too many steam games that i wanna play through to bother playing on anything else, i don't know.for me, steam launcher is perfect for my needs. for anyone who wants to play games from different launchers and thinks switching between them is a hassle, i wholeheartedly think that playnite is excellent at what it does.

playnite has everything i could want other than that feature, a nicer look (didn't try any themes though), and maybe a feed of game updates and/or what my friends have been playing. still the only thing i play that's not actually through steam is minecraft, and i can just add that to steam and run everything from there, so one less thing to install by not actually running playnite. if i cared about games i have on other platforms i'd definitely be using playnite though.


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